Friday, February 15, 2008

well iam going to talk about my parents first my mother shes pretty, funny, and has a sense of humor. my mom could be mean but she is steal cool peoplez shes down to earth and nice. i love the way she dreeses she could dress my mom has fashion i really dont do alot with her but i steal do alot of things with her. i love my mom shes the best she could be mean to me and do things to me but no matter what my mom is my mom shes the one who gave me birth the one who takes care of me when i most needed it, makes sure i have a plate of food each night i am proud to call her my mom. now second, my dad wow hes amazing, funny and everything he is always keeping he's head up i could feel sad and my dad know how to cheer me up if i dont have any one to talk to he's there he's my everything. my dad been there for me through thick and thin i am his little girl.

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