Thursday, January 24, 2008

my three bffl, there the best.

well now iam going to talk about my three best friends they are natasha,angela,rachel.well,let me start talking about natasha what kind i really say about her shes funny and make us laugh all the time.i could be so sad and she no how to cheer me up and me and her been through alot but i love her(no homo).Now my peoplez i could talk about angela well shes the best friend ever she is always there for me if i need help shes there if iam crying and i need someone to talk to shes there. shes like a sister/mom to me even though we dont have alot in common and everthing but she is steal the best.shes funny nice and she also makes me laugh by emitating everything we do,love you(no homo).Okay we almost finish now i have to talk about rachel what can i say about rachel shes funny and a one of a kind she does the stupest things ever and if you need some one to laugh with come and get rachel she the best i love her(no homo).but no matter what we all go through alot and there friends that would alwayz be there i can trust them i love them there the best thing that happen to me (no homo).